Sunday, February 27, 2011

As big as a...

Okay, readers...  This is another honesty session. Before I became pregnant and had many of friends that were or have been, I resented phrases such as "as big as a while... as big as a planet." 

I am going to use this time to apologize to you all. When those phrases were said, and I rolled my eyes thinking you all looked stunning, I did not know the "pregnant" feeling.

The problem is that I am only six months pregnant and I find myself waking up every day thinking that more and more! I am beginning to absolutely hate the pregnant models who are not actually pregnant. It gave me such unrealistic hope - I need to write a letter about that. 

As I know that I am nowhere near as big as I will be, I can't help but wonder what I will say. I already feeling planet-like... Will that make me a solar system? 

Monday, February 21, 2011

An Extraordinarily Early Birthday List

Okay... don't you dare judge me. 

Yes, it is true that my birthday is in July.

Yes, it is true that I could change my mind.

And, finally, yes... it is true that I have created a blog post for all to preview my birthday selections.... five months early.

Here is the deal. I am pregnant...6 months pregnant to be semi-exact. I am so looking forward to wearing normal clothes again, but am not ready purchase them. I can't wait to see our sweet baby girl and get to cuddle her and love on her. This will all be possible on my birthday. So please enjoy my birthday lust day.

Piperlime, I love you. A true, yet materialistic, love.

I can't decide if I want these...

Or these... or BOTH (yeah right) via Dillard's

I really love stripes right now. I think it's because Spring is quickly approaching and stripes are always so clean and fresh... Hence my last wish list item for now...

 from West Elm inspiration

I love GREY. I am thinking of redoing our bedding set since we are moving/house hunting, and I want something clean and relaxing. This reminds me of the beach for some reason, and that is where I long to be at this windy, Oklahoma moment. 

Also, it doesn't hurt that white forces you to keep a clean room. It also doesn't hurt that I am nesting and cleaning every inch of my room on my day off. 

I encourage each of you to create an early birthday list. Your happy mood will thank me later.