Sunday, October 10, 2010

Good Grief, Charlie Brown

Hello sweet readers. 

I don't know how many of you out there are like me, but if you are, you will enjoy this post.

I don't discriminate on holidays. Sure, I love Christmas above them all. However, when it comes to holidays, I think they should all be celebrated. In fact, tomorrow is Columbus Day. Did you know that? And, although I never celebrate it, I think we should all get off of work. Considering that my opinion does not matter in the federal, state, or even local, government; I have decided to celebrate with my temporary first graders. To me, all holidays are there to be celebrated. 

But, I have not posted to write about Columbus Day. Today, I am going to talk about Halloween. Are we too old to dress up? My thoughts are no. It is just so much fun deciding what to be for Halloween. Here is my problem. I am one of those people that always thinks my costume ideas are absolutely wonderful. When the big day comes, I realize that they are not. I'll give you an example.

One year in high school, my best friends and I decided we would be nuns. Oh, we thought we were so hilarious. We went and spent who knows how much money on the costumes and wore them to school the next day. When I got there, my head itched the entire today. Not only that, but I felt bald all day. Real nuns are much classier, have more poise, and are much more dainty than I. And, after looking back at the pictures, an outfit to accentuate the teenage pimples on my face was not the best idea. Fail. But I still love my friends to this day. 

One of my favorite things about Halloween is seeing all of the awesome movies that come on. Hocus Pocus, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, etc., etc., etc. Another, is seeing pumpkins on porches of people all over town. 

DISCLAIMER: I do not like seeing pumpkins smashed in the streets. Teenagers for years have been doing this, and I have decided that I think teens are unoriginal. Every holiday, there is something else that they believe is "funny" that they do, and we all expect it. Teenagers, stay out of trouble. Carve a pumpkin like the rest of us and leave mine on my front porch for once. Thank you. (Do I sound old? Too bad.) 

Here are some cute/funny/amazing pumpkin designs I have seen thus far. Enjoy. 

In case you cannot tell, this entire house is covered in pumpkins. If this doesn't creep you out...

I love it.

Artsy pumpkins.

If you smashed these pumpkins in front of my house, you would be sorry.

Happy Halloween! 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Oh my sweet first graders. The title of this post is how some believed October was spelled. I love innocent spelling mistakes. 

When asked what season it was, our class was in a whirlwind debate on whether it was fall or autumn. I tried to explain that, yes, there are two names for the season we are in... but for some of them - THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. It is then that I discovered that kids rarely grow out of the developmental stage of asking "why" constantly. And you know what? I don't know why. I don't know where the word autumn came from. But, just for you, and my why-asking students... here it is. 

Autumn is a French-related word that means, of course, the changing into the fall season. It replaced the word "harvest" for the season because harvest was a term used for more agricultural times. As cities began to develop, the word harvest lost its meaning and we started to use autumn. BAM. You can thank me later if you, yourself, never grew out of the "why" stage and wanted to know where autumn came from. 

In honor of autumn, here is a section on cute boots. Currently, boots have been on my "autumn" wish list. Eat your heart out. For those of you that can, purchase. For those of you like me, slobber.

Alexander McQueen was absolutely innovative. These shoes are no different.

Guiseppe Zanotti leopard mid-calf boots -- no, not practical. But in the world of lusting over expensive boots, throw practical out of the window. This is not a "practical little black dress post." 

I think in order to have your own taste in clothes, you must own one item that people may hate/love. There is no in between. I, for one, LOVE these Tory Burch oxford wedges. You, for one, may hate them. That is fine.

Love these Tory Burch military ankle boots. Even though military style is in, I still like my military boot to be feminine. These are perfect. 

And I threw in a sparkly Marc Jacobs bag that is a beauty. 

All of this seen at Neiman Marcus.

Side Note: God has truly blessed me with wonderful family and friends. Life is so great. But even if it doesn't seem that way, it still is. I have a God who loves me no matter what. And get this! He doesn't even care if I ever own Tory Burch boots. Have a blessed day. 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

"The Lord Made It, Therefore I Eat" Sunday

Okay, so today I decided that, this week, I will make something that is good for you, but looks bad. In other words, I am going to trick myself into thinking I am eating SO BAD and my brain thinks I am consciously indulging... but I am not. 

I have been in the holiday spirit lately, so in honor of pumpkin spice latte season... I now pronounce to you...


Disregard the Ohio State napkin... It was at Tasty Kitchen from the Pioneer Woman. 
Speaking of college football.... 

I still love my Longhorn husband. So far, he still loves me. But I was so proud.

Anyway, the recipe is on Tasty Kitchen. Try it out and trick your own brain!