Sunday, November 7, 2010

Is it too soon to be looking at this?

I am one of those people that gets very annoyed with Holiday Skippers. 

Holiday-Skipper: (Proper Noun); one who skips over very important holidays (i.e. Halloween and Thanksgiving) just to get to Christmas

In fact, I have mixed feelings about Christmas decor being out at Hobby Lobby before Halloween. In some ways I am way excited. In other ways I think - WHAT are you doing? We have two great holidays before that! 

Nevertheless, the giant amounts of Christmas decor and buying tickets to Christmas events has made me begin to slowly search myself. I am determined... I will NOT be a holiday skipper.

But, just this once... I looked at ways to create a fun tree by making a lot of it yourself! 

HGTV had ideas for just this. Look below at these homemade ornaments. 

Don't you just love it? And I know I have way too many clothes I don't wear that I could use... after Thanksgiving. :) 

The directions are here.

Enjoy! :)

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  1. i love Christmas! and those ornaments!