Thursday, November 4, 2010

I have some great news.

Well Readers,

I have been MIA. I am so sorry. It turns out that my TWS took a little (LOT) bit more time than I had imagined. The good news: the worst is over. The other good news: I PASSED. I made an A on it. I am so very happy!! See ya, TWS... Never again. So now, I get to enjoy teaching my new fifth graders and re-learning all of their math problems that I pretend to know A LOT about. I am questioning whether I am, truly, smarter than a fifth grader. Not that easy. But I am a great actress. :) But, as fabulous as that all sounds.. that is NOT my good news. 

THE BEST NEWS: WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!!!! What a blessing from God! I am more and more in awe of his grace and love every single day, even when things don't go the way I planned. Well, this pregnancy wasn't exactly planned, however I am feeling so excited and blessed and even more in awe of God! Babies are amazing, and to think I have a precious baby growing inside of me is the best feeling in the world. 

So, readers, I will blogging more often and about fashion and fun things still. However, some days, the size of the boot I will be featuring might change. Example below. 

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  1. I love the paragraph announcing your big news- you put that beautifully. I read it twice because I liked it so much. And I love you.