Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back With a Baby

Oh Readers, if you are still there, I am so sorry... But I have been a little busy. Look why. :)

This particular picture was taken by Emily. She's amazing! We did all of her newborn pictures, and they are pretty amazing! Our announcements will be in the mail soon. 

Here are a few more pictures of our sweet little girl, because I know you want to see them want to brag. :)

And these are just some from the first two weeks... Little Baby H is now 6 weeks old today... WOW! SHe is getting too big with all those smiles and noises she makes now. But, isn't she beautiful? :) 

So now onto the future of my blog... There is only one negative to the entire birthing process ... baby. weight. EW! Today is the first day I have been cleared to do any rigorous workout. So, blogger friends, please join me on my weight loss road to skinny. ish. 

I will be blogging daily, fingers crossed, on my food intake, workout regimens, and probably wishful dishes that I'd like to indulge in. 

I also would like to give motherly funny advice that I've learned recently. Here is a list of ten because you have missed so much...

1. Always put a diaper under your baby's bottom IMMEDIATELY after removing the dirty one. This is crucial for your changing pad/hand/shirt/laundry/water bill.

2. Never hold a naked (no diaper baby). See above.

3. DO let your husband turn down the monitor volume after you fall asleep... And DON'T get mad at him. You will still hear it unless you have recently become hearing impaired. And you might just become hearing impaired if you leave the volume up. You will hear him/her scream... they have fantastic lungs. :) 

4. DO allow 1.5 hours to get ready to leave the house with a newborn. Inform all friends that punctuality has left your vocabulary for the time being.

5. DO have weekly date nights... even if they are to go get a drink when you don't want to leave the baby for very long. Your husband will be so grateful and it will be fun... Promise.

6. Allow ample time in the evenings for "Baby Car Rides..." When your baby hits the "screaming" stages, you'll know exactly what I mean.

7. Remember that you will never have time for your top ten list and may have to stop at seven, because your baby is up and hungry in her bed. 

TTFN! (Ta-Ta for now!) In honor of the movie coming out that I will see...

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