Wednesday, May 25, 2011

39 Weeks Pregnant...

Okay so I mentioned a while back that I will feel close to giving birth when I made it to 35 weeks...

News Flash: I still don't feel close. :) The doctor told us Tuesday that it could be ANY day... she guessed this weekend. What does this mean? JJ and Linzi got it in HIGH gear... Well, tiny detail gear. Luckily the big stuff was done. Here are a few interesting things I never thought I would do.

1. Speak to my husband through a baby monitor.

2. Place a lamb stuffed animal in my child's crib to perfectly place the baby monitor.

3. See my husband's nose hair through a baby monitor.

4. Use the word nipple and reference a bottle... Not that I never thought I'd use them.. but I didn't think I would say "I think you just sterilize the nipples." Ew. I will come up with a new word... like top of the bottle. That's more appropriate.

5. Chase our dog around for the same exact baby sock she keeps mysteriously stealing...

6. Have an in-depth conversation about whether or not we still need a table for 2 with a high chair, or is that rude if we don't acknowledge baby girl and say a table for three?

7. Call people to ask a non-important question and all of them think I'm in labor... and being depressed because that is not WHY I am calling.

Either way, we are very close to meeting and loving on our baby Hallie. We are so very thankful to God for the precious gift of her and we pray for a healthy and happy baby!

*SIDE NOTE: Please continue to pray for all of the tornado victims. I cannot fathom what they must be going through, but I know that God can heal all wounds. 

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