Friday, September 24, 2010

I love gooooooooooold.

Two things inspired me to write this post. 

#1: my wedding ring :) - My husband is way too good to me, and I love him more every day. Most people nowadays will wear a white gold ring, and I am not against that at all. I am just a fan of being somewhat old-fashioned. My mom and mother-in-law's rings are both gold, and it felt special to "match" them. Ok, off my soapbox. Get whatever ring makes you feel special; that is the point. 

#2: Blake Lively's outfit on Gossip Girl last week. Shown below.

I L.O.V.E this. In the words of Rachel Zoe, it is ba-na-nas. I absolutely love the gold jacket and the pumps. WOW. And her hair is another story, possibly for another post. If you would like to know which designers' collection this outfit belongs to, let me know. I just so happened to find out.  To be continued...

My husband, who is very fashion forward in his own taste of clothing (and my wedding ring), referred to it as looking like a genie. I (respectfully) disagree because I love it. But, even the genie wore gold cuffs. See?

So there. 

Here are a few gold things I am fashion craving. Take your pick. All from TOPSHOP, of course.

I love giant rings currently.

And I have been wanting a long ring, and this antique gold one might do the trick. Christmas is coming, right? I am thinking I'll start my Christmas list now. Are you reading, family? :) 

This is, by far, my faaaavorite. BEAUTIFUL. I can already picture how I'd wear my hair. It's perfect. 

I loooove the armband. Very Aladdin Genie. It's screaming "Linzi, you will never have a friend like me." Get it? Cheap jokes. 

No, this dress is not all gold. I don't like that. But the accent on the shoulder is, and it's beautiful. Wear this with patterned leggings and wonderful pumps. Sigh... Just consider this post my Christmas list. In fact, I can see this working very well as a Christmas party dress. Hmmm...

In other first grade news, Parent/Teacher Conference DAY!!!! Because most of the conferences were last night (long day), today was a free day. I heard the angels singing. 

In the words of Goldmember, I love gooooold. 

Dreaming Gold Dreams,

P.S. I am currently baking my "The Lord Made It, So I Will Eat" post for Sunday... if it tastes half as good as its batter, we are all in for a treat. 


  1. Are you sick of me commenting on every post you make? Just to let you know, I almost bought the genie gold bracelet for fashion night out... but it was too expensive for me. sigh.

  2. No, not sick of it at all! It has been our lines of communication. :) I will call you sometime next week. I miss you.

  3. I might have laughed out loud at you cheap jokes... keep em comin :)