Friday, September 17, 2010

Sweatpants, Sweatpants All Around.

I know I said that I'd blog about things other than fashion, but today I had two choices. 

1. The previews of 2011 Spring fashion that I have been googling while my husband works.


2. My day at school where one of my cutie-pie first graders had what we like to call an "accident." Bless his ever-loving heart. Did your mom ever say that? Ever-loving. Heart. Bless it. 

Because I do not want to relive Number 2/have a nightmare about its happenings... I defaulted to Number 1. Enjoy. 

After looking around at New York's Fashion Week that my sweet cousin Emily got to attend... (look at her cute outfit that she wore to it here, LOVE IT), I browsed threw several (okay, more than several...) slideshows of top fashion designers and their Spring 2011 designs. 

After much thought and debate, I'd like to thank the one and only Michael Kors for contributing to my decision on my favorite Spring 2011 trend. Look how wonderful this is.  Don't drool on your laptop. 

Disclaimer: I MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE. 

I am not a fan of this swimsuit, but I LOVE the shoes. LOVE. 

Love every piece of this...

I love yellow and I love t-shirt material... Jackpot!

Sweatshirt + Dress = Dream come true. And if you look closely, Michael (I don't know if, after this, I can just refer to him as Michael... more like SIR Michael Kors) is bringing a new shoe (OF COURSE) to us... entitled (drumroll)

 the flatform

F-U-N. I want 8 of them.

And now, here is one quick explanation of why I love all of this so much. 

Notice the trend? EVERYTHING IS COMFORTABLE. They have taken women's "Secret" favorite "hiding the meal" attire - the sweatpants - and made it wearable for everyday and get this - even the nightlife. 


In conclusion, bring on the "sweatpants" Spring, 2011, I am ready. No more eating and coming home to change into "comfy" clothes because I feel so full I could bust... My only fear is that I may overdo it... Possible? Nah.

Therefore... sweatpants, sweatpants everywhere. Have a great weekend! Happy Sweatpants Dreaming!


  1. I call my sweatpants "The fat mans". Finally some fashion I can wrap my head around.

  2. I was ABOUT to post "Leighton calls his sweatpants the fatmans" but he beat me to it! Thanks for the shout out:)