Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Leather is not just for motorcyclists.

I have a new obsession. No, not fashion. That is not considered "new." My new obsession is FALL. I love fall colors, I love the trees, I love the pumpkin flavored things to eat and drink...

.... and...


There is just something that I love about being in Oklahoma in the fall. It is the only season where wearing a cardigan and jacket with shorts is acceptable. It is the only season in which you can stretch out sandal usage until there is ice on the ground. Think about it... 

In the summer, if you wear a cardigan or cute jacket that you buy with your shorts, you look like an idiot... and rightly so. It's 105 degrees outside, please do not put on that beautiful knit cardigan and sweat in it. 

In the winter, if you wear shorts, your name is probably Mike Farris. And if so, you probably don't care that I think of this as a fashion faux pas.

In the Spring... well, I guess you could do this... but I think we are just all so excited that it isn't cold that by Spring, we are ready for cute dresses and sandals. Instead of "YES, I get to wear my cardigan!" It's "YES, I don't have to de-ice my car!"

This fall I have already informed my husband that I am saving up for a pair of these below. Never in my life did I think I would wear leather. Leather and I were enemies. 

Think about it... Leather pasted to my legs and body... I'll pass. 
Leather making noise as I take steps... No thank you.

BUT THESE!  These are loose and longer and are, dare I say it, classy. 

Never have I ever thought leather was classy. 

You know that game? But in the clean version way, not the "never ever" game that is too revealing and awful. 

But for the sake of this post, I just put a finger down for leather. 

Thank you, Nordstrom and TOPSHOP. You are always so faithful.

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