Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hats of the Derby

I am so fascinated by sports and their traditions. I can generally watch any sport with my husband - ask him! I think that's one of the many things he is grateful for about me... ;) Kidding. However, there is one thing I just don't like - and it is the Kentucky Derby. I was traumatized a few years back when a horse was injured and had to be put down. I am not even an active animal rights activist. Don't get me wrong -- I love animals - but I am never that involved in activist things. I just don't think I can watch another derby in fear that something might happen. I am scarred. However, one thing that I really love about the tradition is the creative hats the "Derby Ladies" wear. Here are some of this years... we will call them "highlights." Some are beautiful and others are... well, you'll see. Enjoy.

L.O.V.E. And the mosquitoes might have even stayed away from her face... Brilliant and Classy.

You know this hat was heavy and her neck got a serious workout... Great feathers.

REALLY? I mean I'm impressed with the clown that created this hat, but... REALLY?

He is too cute for words.

This sort of looks like a bonnet. I am thinking Laura Ingalls Wilder meets 2011. 

FAB. They win in my book... at least of the pictures I have seen. I can't help but  humming every tune of the album "98 Degrees and Rising." Tell me you listened to it. On repeat. Maybe still occasionally? 

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