Thursday, May 12, 2011

Master Bathroom...Suite

Hey readers! 

JJ & I have been house hunting recently... slowly but surely we will find "the one." One thing that I feel like I won't budge on is having a bigger master bathroom. Of all the things to put on my list, I feel like this is the weirdest... but I won't budge. I want to make sure I have a tub to soak in and enough space to where I don't share a sink with JJ. I love him - but bathroom cleanliness is not his absolute forte. He has many fortes so I don't feel bad saying that. That being said - I have come home before with the entire house cleaned. So he has it in him. :) Here are some bathroom pictures I've seen that I am going to share with you... Keep in mind that for our first home, this will probably not be a reality. A girl can dream...

A few highlights: I really love it all... but I am obsessed with the tub, the vanity, and the beautiful floors and walls... Okay everything.

I love copper... This is my favorite tub I've seen. I'm sure Oklahoma homes have tons of these... Right??!!

How neat is this? I don't know about you, but after showers I sometimes just want to soak in a warm bath for a while. This is one of the best 2-in-1 things I've ever seen! So exotic... Again, I'm sure tons of these are floating around homes in Oklahoma.

Ok, so this is something I would never do. This is just here strictly for entertainment. It reminds of the bathrooms in City Bites where you KNOW they cannot see you, but it still freaks you out. I mean I would hold it so long I'd have a bladder infection before I'd go in this restroom or City Bites. Anyone else feel that way??

What do you think readers? Any room in a house that you consider a weird "no budge" on the wish list? 


  1. maybe you should get a crap house and go for a total redo-makeover? That way you could build the top bathroom + the copper tub. I heart/adore/love/etc etc the blackish wood floor by the way.

  2. I love big tubs!!! For me, I wouldn't say "rooms" but I definitely have a semi non-budge on floors. I love wood or concrete floors, with rugs!

    Hahah! I remember the city bites restrooms!! I used to get so nervous too.